Educational Licensing

Many schools and educational institutions have asked us to offer inexpensive multi-user and single user licenses of our software products. We are pleased to announce that accredited educational institutions can now purchase our products with a 30 to 50% discount off the regular prices.

Below, we have outlined two options to purchase our software with substantial discounts from our already competitive prices. In any case, contact our Sales Team which will guide you through all calculations to determine the most effective solution.

1. Student's and Teacher's Discount

If you are a student or teacher you are qualified for a 30% discount on our software. To prove your status, contact our Sales Team and provide a copy of your current school ID. If your ID does not have a photo and validation date, you must supply a copy of your driver's license or passport with your photo along with a dated letter on school letterhead certifying your school affiliation. After approval you will get a coupon code to order with a discount in our online shop.

2. Campus Licensing Program

Campus Licensing Program is the best option to reduce the cost of multiple copies of Software, and to easily manage your software inventory, if your institution wishes to license multiple copies of our software, with no contracts to sign or future commitments required.

To purchase our software products at educational discounts, please contact our Sales Team.

Special note regarding Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Research Laboratories

Hospitals, healthcare systems and research laboratories (e.g. independent research laboratories or research laboratories affiliated with the Department of Defense or the Department of Energy) are NOT eligible for academic pricing unless they are wholly owned and operated by a qualified Educational Institution. To be "Wholly owned and operated" the entity must be owned, controlled, and operated solely by the Educational Institution.